We developed covid19riskcalculator.com to help people better understand the measures being put into place around the world.

Sometimes putting numbers to a situation that is personally affecting you and your family can create helpful perspective. Quantifying risk can be frightening, but it can also help you to make informed decisions as you weather the pandemic. We encourage you to play with this free resource: see what happens when you put in information for yourself, for loved ones, and when you adjust your responses --where feasible -- to improve health outcomes.

Please note that this calculator provides estimates based on the available stats. For example, current reported data indicates that people with heart disease have an increased critical risk of approximately 10% with coronavirus, people with diabetes have an increased critical risk of approximately 7.3%, etc. We will do our best to monitor reported statistics and update the calculations to covid19riskcalculator.com regularly as the situation evolves.

However, the purpose of this tool is not exactitude -- as information is limited and adjusts daily -- nor does the Covid 19 Risk Calculator replace medical advice from your doctor. Rather, its purpose is to use best estimates to quantify the danger coronavirus poses to public health while simultaneously empowering people to see how individual disciplines such as social distancing and hand washing can make a very real, very positive difference during this crisis.

It's going to take all of us adhering to healthcare recommendations to flatten the curve as quickly as possible and save lives. There are many people who are still defying WHO social distancing recommendations. Our hope is that a simple, free, and fast tool like the Covid 19 Risk Calculator will quantify risk more clearly for individuals who are not taking the pandemic seriously enough at this juncture and encourage them to reconsider their behaviors.

We also encourage everyone to read this article by infectious disease epidemiologist Jonathan Smith, which speaks to the heart of our mission.

Stay safe, friends!