Covid 19 Risk Calculator

“A tool that estimates your current risk of contracting and becoming critically ill from coronavirus. This resource exists to highlight the significance individual lifestyle adjustments such as social distancing and hand washing play in public health outcomes. It does not replace medical advice from your doctor.”

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Part I
Q1.Do you wash your hands with soap at least 6 times per day?
Q2.Have you taken public transportation, gone to the shops for food or other supplies, or attended an event where more than 10 people were present in the past 15 days?
Q3.Have you or any members of your household worked in a shared office or school classroom in the past 15 days?
Q4.Do you work as a dentist, paramedic, nurse, cashier, flight attendant, or personal care aide?
Q5.Do you live in a densely populated urban area?
Part II
Q1.Do you smoke?
Q2.How old are you?

Q3.Do you have heart disease?
Q4.Do you have diabetes?
Q5.Do you have a chronic respiratory disease such as asthma, cystic fibrosis, sleep apnea, or COPD?
Q6.Do you have high blood pressure?
Q7.Do you have cancer?

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